Meet Dinah! She is my gussied up truck!

It was quite the adventure when I set out to find the perfect little flower truck. After weeks of searching, I found Dinah and the rest fell into place.  She was the perfect size for all ages.  She definitely needed to be gussied up. After some paint, carpentry, logo, and a canvas she was ready to roll!


She maxes out around 55 mph, so if you see us around town wave, because you will be going faster than us!  My wish is that The Gussied Up Flower Truck will brighten up the streets and hearts of others by popping up in front of restaurants, coffee shops, retail spaces, parties and events.  Stop by and see the truck and get your picture taken! It would even be cool to see a proposal in front of the truck.


You can hand select your own flowers, or I can pick a bouquet for you. We accommodate any budget because you choose your stems. I want this to be a memorable experience. It is so much fun to see the bouquets and flowers that everyone picks out to show their creative side. 


I promise, you will be smiling when you leave. 

G Flower.PNG



I’m Lesley.


I am beyond excited to bring to you Dothan’s Original Mobile Flower Truck.  I have two teenage “sidekicks” , also known as Hollis and Kate that keep me busy! They are always making me laugh. They are my beautiful daughters that you will sometimes  see lending a hand at the flower truck!  We have a cute pup named Olly that is spoiled rotten! He loves people

 and toys.    


I am a speech-language pathologist in the school setting and I enjoy working with children. They keep me young! 

I love flowers, being outdoors, drinking wine, and decorating. My friends usually tell me I talk to much! One more favorite thing of mine is changing my house out with the seasons.


My why

 I’ve always been able to look at flowers and see all the beauty they symbolize.  To me,  flowers have always had the ability to bring a smile to my face, and I love the uniqueness of each bloom. 


Flowers aren’t just for special occasions. There is something about a splash of color and a sweet aroma to fill your soul with joy and peace.  Flowers make you feel loved and happy! We all could use a little extra happy. We all could use a little time to slow down, and to take a break and enjoy the beauty given to us.


These challenging times led me to want to pursue my dream of owning a flower truck, and to bring you hope and happiness. I am so thankful to be able to share my dream with you!