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Gussied Up's STORY


Our unique truck is quite the world traveler, made her way all the way from Japan to Arkansas then Alabama and finally found a permanent home in  Roswell in December of 2021.  Loving life we needed to give her a name so let me introduce you to Georgia.  Please find us on social media to see where we will be located to say hello, select a handful of flowers, and scatter joy!


My wish is that Gussied Up Flower Truck will brighten up the the community, local streets and hearts of others by popping up in front of  restaurants, coffee shops, retail spaces, parties and events.  

G Flower.PNG

ABOUT Theresa

Originally from Texas, I moved to the Atlanta area in 1989 and to Roswell in 2006.  I have three beautiful children, Jake, Zach, Sarah and am a full-time special education teacher.  In 2019, I went back to school to get my Master’s Degree in Special Education and graduated in May of 2021. In my spare time I love gardening, yoga, and trivia with good friends. I started my flower truck business to help me fill my bucket.  I am loving life right now because I can share my love of gardening with this community  and spread joy through fresh cut flowers. 


My why

I have always enjoyed gardening handed down from my father. My father has always an important presence in my life and one of my biggest supporters. I remember enjoying my first home- grown tomato out of the garden with a saltshaker when I was about five years old.

The ability to garden comes with determination, dedication, sweat and grit.

I have mostly grown vegetables, but always loved fresh cut flowers. They have always created a smile in my heart. After grad school, I was investing time in myself trying to figure out what to do with my life.

The question came out of a book, “What do you love to do and what are you good at doing”?

Teaching special education students is one of the things I am good at doing, however in recent years I have been encouraged to find other ways to fill my bucket. While I still teach and still love my students, there are many days left unfulfilled.


At the top of the list of what I love and what I am good at doing was gardening. I had been admiring my friend who started her own business selling flowers out of a truck. In pictures it always seems like it a beautiful easy whimsical thing to do. In reality, there is a lot of preparation, hard work and dedication to find the right place to be at the right time with the right audience. 

I am already having the time of my life spreading the joy and love of fresh cut flowers.

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