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Meet Georgia, the adventurous world traveler! Originally from Japan, she embarked on a remarkable journey, crossing continents and ending up in Arkansas, then Alabama. Finally, in December 2021, she found her forever home in Roswell, GA.

Gussied Up Flower Truck strives to radiate positivity throughout the community. Catch us popping up in front of restaurants, coffee shops, retail spaces, parties, and events, adding color and joy to local streets and hearts. Follow us on social media to find our location, say hello, pick your favorite flowers, get a photo op and scatter joy!

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Originally from Texas, I moved to Atlanta in 1989, then settled in Roswell, GA in 2006. As a full-time special education teacher and a mother of three beautiful children, I pursued my Master's Degree in Special Education, graduating in May 2021.


In my free time, I love gardening, yoga, and trivia with friends. To share my love for gardening, I started a flower truck business, enriching the community with fresh-cut flowers. Life is fulfilling as I balance teaching, gardening, and creating happiness through blooms.


Gardening has always been my passion, inherited from my supportive father. I fondly remember relishing my first home-grown tomato at just five years old. It requires determination, dedication, and grit, qualities I cherish.

Though I mostly grew vegetables, fresh-cut flowers have always brought joy to my heart. After grad school, I pondered my life's direction and asked myself, "What do I love and excel at?" Teaching special education is one, but I sought additional fulfillment.

Gardening topped my list of loves and strengths. Inspired by a friend's flower truck business, I embarked on my own journey. It's not all whimsy; it demands preparation, hard work, and the right audience. Yet, I'm thrilled by the joy and love my flower truck spreads.

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